About Us

Hello My name is Eren and I am the sole owner and worker of The Raven and Butterfly Boutique. This all started because I have allergies to chemicals so I started by making my own soap that I could use since I couldn't get any at the store unless I wanted to spend a lot of money on a little bit of product. Then I found I liked making things and branched out. Eventually my wife got tired of product all over the house and told me if I wanted to continue making my products and experimenting with even more I would have to set up shop somewhere and sell it because she was not living in a beauty store anymore. SO I did and that October 13th of 2019, right before Covid19 shut everything down. This became my fulltime job in the pandemic and I wouldn't change it for the world. Now I have my own online store and go to festivals almost every weekend but even though the shop has gotten bigger I have not let the quality of my products suffer. Instead I am finding more way to use natural items to help everyone bring a little love back to their selves. Each product is made by hand with natural ingredients and is never tested on an animal. I hope you enjoy what i make as much as i enjoy making it. Blessed Be.